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Structured Field Data Retrieval - Reference Project

Structured Field Data Retrieval

Structured Field Data Retrieval

Our solution provides completely new insights about how your products are used in the field. We developed a unified solution based on an architecture that offers end-to-end data availability, tailored scalability and state of the art security.

  • Simplified access to all device data
  • Fast big data analytics
  • Optimized data insights for domain experts
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Andreas Glaeser - Products

Andreas Glaeser
Senior Expert (Sales)
Phone +49 711 811-58151

The Bosch IoT Suite as Basis for Structured Field Data Retrieval Solutions

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How to build better cars with big data


Thousands of car workshops across Europe are equipped with Bosch diagnosis units for almost every car type. With the help of Bosch diagnostics, on-site mechanics can identify what’s wrong quickly and efficiently.

Each time a car is connected to the diagnosis unit, hundreds of different types of statistical data are transmitted. This happens with every connection several thousand times a day. Because most diagnostics are connected with a backend system, an enormous amount of statistical data is forwarded and made available to a central data center where the data is structured, analyzed, and used to develop better systems, components, and functions or completely new services such as preventive maintenance.

How to build better cars with big data