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Structured Field Data Retrieval - Solution Overview

Structured Field Data Retrieval

Structured Field Data Retrieval

Our solution provides completely new insights about how your products are used in the field. We developed a unified solution based on an architecture that offers end-to-end data availability, tailored scalability and state of the art security.

  • Simplified access to all device data
  • Fast big data analytics
  • Optimized data insights for domain experts

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Andreas Glaeser - Products

Andreas Glaeser
Senior Expert (Sales)
Phone +49 711 811-58151

The Bosch IoT Suite as Basis for Structured Field Data Retrieval Solutions

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Unified solution to capture data from distributed devices in a structured, flexible, and secure way


Bosch Software Innovations has developed a unified solution based on the Bosch IoT Suite to capture data from distributed devices in a structured, flexible, and secure way. After being forwarded to a central data center, the device data will be decoded, normalized, enriched, and checked for quality. As a result, the data is available in an optimized format for data mining and data analytics. This provides domain experts with the insights needed for analyzing real-life device data and for developing better or new products and solutions.

Because data in the Internet of Things (IoT) are often sensor data and include no time reference, the possibilities of big data analytics are very limited. Our solution links all captured data with a time stamp, enabling time series-related analysis. Even if data points are missing, structured field data retrieval offers proven exploration methods to fill possible gaps.

To develop new or better products and solutions, a key capability for leveraging the insights of device data is the ability to visualize big data analytics results in a clearly arranged way. Our solution provides sophisticated visualization tools that are developed to visualize even large amounts of data.

The model-based approach of Structured Field Data Retrieval and the Bosch IoT Suite allows domain experts to make modifications directly without developer support – this improves flexibility and performance in daily work.

Structured Field Data Retrieval