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Bosch Indego robotic lawn mower

Manage your connected devices with the touch of a finger

The Bosch Indego is the first robotic lawn mower with a free GSM connection that can be operated simply and conveniently using an app. Find out more about managing and controlling advanced and distributed devices remotely.

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Steffen Lehmann - Others

Steffen Lehmann
Sales Director
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Bosch Indego Video

Video Bosch Connected World 2015

Ultimate convenience thanks to intuitive app control


Bosch Indego is the new generation of robotic lawn mowers from Bosch Power Tools that mows your lawn autonomously. That means if you want to have a perfect lawn but don’t have time to mow it yourself, Bosch Indego is the perfect tool for you.

To make a good tool even better, Bosch developed the Indego Connect.


Lawn care at your fingertips

Indego Connect, developed by Bosch, is easy and convenient to operate via a smartphone or tablet app connected to a backend solution. With Indego Connect, you can initiate mowing, pause cutting, send the mower back to the charging station or even disable it completely. The app also displays the area already mowed by Indego as well as its current position in the garden.

Logicut instead of random navigation – thanks to the intelligent navigation system developed by Bosch – Indego Connect takes lawn mowing to a new level of efficiency.

What’s more, Indego Connect even lets you know when it’s time to check the cutting blades. Remote software updates always keep the mower up to date and the mower is locked automatically to prevent theft.

Infographic Bosch Reference project Indego Connect