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Device Management

Bosch Indego robotic lawn mower

Manage your connected devices with the touch of a finger

The Bosch Indego is the first robotic lawn mower with a free GSM connection that can be operated simply and conveniently using an app. Find out more about managing and controlling advanced and distributed devices remotely.

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Steffen Lehmann - Others

Steffen Lehmann
Sales Director
Phone +49 30 726112-243

Bosch Indego Video

Video Bosch Connected World 2015

Device Management solutions


More and more people are using connected devices and apps to make their business more efficient or their daily lives easier. Bosch Software Innovations provides the solutions to remotely control your devices (such as road sweepers, elevators, vending machines, power tools, heating systems). Our goal is to combine simple device operation via an intuitive web portal or app with a backend solution that has been customized for your special requirements and devices.

Indego Connect is only one example of how advanced and distributed devices can be controlled conveniently and remotely. Our IoT platform offers the solutions and services to easily integrate your devices and make them manageable and controllable via a dedicated user interface.

This enables completely new opportunities and opens up new competitive advantages for your company:


  • Event management – manage your devices with predefined rules responding to specific device events

  • Remote performance monitoring and quality control

  • Predictive maintenance – detect abnormal behavior before a problem occurs

  • Easy device access – it doesn’t matter where you are – you can edit or change your device settings remotely

  • Theft prevention with geo-fencing and remote lock

  • Remote software provisioning – always keeps your devices up to date and offers new functionalities without sending people on site

  • Support of various connectivity protocols – such as GSM, 3G, LTE, WLAN, Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc.