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BPM for Energy – Market Communication


Market Process Manager


The Market Process Manager enables different market participants, such as distribution network operators, suppliers, balancing group managers, metering service providers, metering point operators and transmission system operators, to automate their most important regulatory market communication processes and to implement the legal provisions fully in compliance with market requirements.

We provide a ready-to-run standard solution with a modular design that enables every customer to install the relevant process packages they want. Customers can choose between “integration packages” (purely for processing EDIFACT market communication) and “process packages” (EDIFACT market communication plus complete process handling).

The solution currently covers the market-specific requirements for the German, Austrian and Swiss energy markets.

Every six months, the Market Process Manager is updated to take into account new regulatory requirements and to incorporate new process packages.

A big advantage for our customers is that the Market Process Manager builds on the full inubit BPM solution. This means that we offer our customers a standard solution for handling market communication processes along with the option of expanding the platform if required. This can then be used for further Bosch Software Innovations process requirements, portal solutions and standard solutions. All this is carried out on a single platform, which saves on installation and running costs.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Reliable coverage of all process requirements for the switching, balancing, scheduling and forecasting processes required in the energy market
  • Cost savings for compliance with German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) amendment deadlines by means of software updates
  • The central overview of processes means that you always have a handle on deadlines, clearing and monitoring; errors are avoided
  • Low installation costs and rapid commissioning
  • Quick identification of new market opportunities
  • Lower process and transaction costs
  • Central, easy-to-use web interface
Screenshot Market Process Manager

Technical design


The Market Process Manager is based on the business process management software inubit BPM, which is tried and tested in the energy market. It mediates between the backend systems of our customers and all relevant market partners. This ensures that information is always exchanged in accordance with regulatory requirements. Building on the solution base, customers have different packages to choose from (please see below).

With process and integration packages we are pursuing the approach of a standardized interconnection of our customers’ backend systems. In accordance with your backend system the packages are available both with a direct SAP IS-U connection and with other standard interfaces.


Solution Base

Process Packages

Integration Packages


The solution base forms the technical foundation for the Market Process Manager. It contains the energy-market-specific components along with the corresponding check routines for market-compliant message exchange. These are in accordance with the respective country-specific communication requirements. It can be used on its own as a full-scale communication platform.

Process packages cover all EDIFACT market communication handling requirements, including complete process handling:

  • In addition to EDIFACT market communication, the Market Process Manager looks after the complete orchestration and handling of market communication processes.
  • Core processes (e.g. billing) remain on backend systems.
  • Deep integration into backend systems for the purpose of comparing process status information or master data sets is included on system-specific basis.
  • Central process monitoring gives customers centralized control of market communication processes from across different systems.

Integration packages cover all EDIFACT market communication handling requirements:

  • Process handling and control remain on the customer’s backend systems.
  • EDIFACT market communication is handled centrally for all systems via our Market Process Manager.
  • Central process monitoring and clearing supports everyone involved in these processes in their day-to-day business.