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BPM for Energy – Master Data Management


The solution for the management of the master data quality


Our modular out of the box solution for the master data quality management guarantees the highest quality of master data stored in different systems, ensuring that they are always complete and up to date.

Process-critical master data is often distributed across numerous systems within a company. In everyday practice, the amount of work required to manage this data in one centralized process is very high, and may even be prohibitive from an organizational point of view.

This is precisely where our new out of the box solution aims to provide assistance, by comparing data stored in different systems, identifying mismatches and documenting any changes made in accordance with the company’s own quality management guidelines and defined access authorizations. All data acquisition, plausibility checks, visualization methods, and distribution processes are verified using inubit and Visual Rules, our rule-based business process and rules management platforms.

Our solution for the master data quality management employs a non-invasive approach to analyze the quality of the existing master data across the distributed system landscape and offers a choice of manual or automatic correction in defined specialist applications. Every step of the verification, correction, and distribution process can be adapted to individual requirements, while certain standard rules are fully implemented and can be used directly. Users wishing to make manual changes to data sets and requiring the appropriate authorization for them to be accepted throughout the system are supported by a wide range of workflows adapted to their specific view of the process, with a personal task list stored in a central portal.

Our customers can use existing templates to directly implement their own processes and add further systems one by one.


Your benefits at a glance


  • Uninterrupted assurance of a consistently high quality of data
  • Complete documentation and verification of all steps
  • Capable of growing with your system and technical requirements
  • Reliable identification and correction of master-data inconsistencies through a powerful rules engine
Architecture of the solution