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BPM for Energy - Process Monitoring


Solutions for the process monitoring in the energy sector


With growing competition and constantly changing directives, the complexity of communication processes in the energy market increases. Particularly in the field of message monitoring, there is still room for energy supply companies to absorb the increased need for coordination and communication. The bundling of messages and errors from diverse systems into one and particularly their attribution to processes plays a central role. Up until today, either the message flow within singular systems was monitored, or singular processes were monitored across various systems. The combination and linking of error messages to processes was not possible; the entire monitoring therefore time and cost intense and not user friendly. Our solution makes it easy to monitor any number and kind of process. Reports can be adapted quickly and flexibly at any time.


Process Monitor

Deadline Monitor

Advanced Charting Tool


The Process Monitor offers a round-trip monitoring of all processes across various systems. It offers a concentrated data and process monitoring in which status information about processes from diverse systems are brought together, clearly presented and attributed to their respective processes:

  • Bundling of process status information from diverse systems (Energy and Gas)
  • Clear presentation in for of lists in the portal
  • Automatic display of defective messages
  • Linking of defective messages to the respective processes
  • Integration of staff and steering options right away from the monitoring
  • Monitoring structures deadlines, automatic reminders support a timely handling
  • System neutrality: Numerous standard connectors allow to connect diverse systems, a Plug-in SDK makes it easy to develop further interfaces.

The Deadline Monitor displays a clear overview of all deadlines and enables them to be automatically monitored:

  • Graphical depiction of individual deadline periods, configured for specific processes and messages, and automatically monitored by the system
  • Deadlines configured centrally via the definition of deadline periods in the configuration files
  • Exceeded deadlines are automatically signaled by way of color markers and the alarm is raised by way of tasks or e-mail

The following types of check are carried out:

  • Check for timely arrival / sending of the message (once)
  • Check for timely arrival / sending of?follow-on messages (periodic)
  • Check for timely completion of processing (periodic)

The Advanced Charting Tool makes it easier to evaluate process workflows by means of report charts:

  • Variety of reports in the form of diagrams and tables
  • Flexible monitoring of any number and kind of process
  • Complete reporting dashboards supplied according to process roles or specific requirements
  • Reports can be adapted easily and quickly if required