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BPM for Energy – Market Communication – Process Package ebIX


The Process Package ebIX


The deregulation of energy markets has presented all energy providers with the challenge of automating the legal requirements in relation to supplier switching and meter data exchange.

The German electricity market had to implement the requirements of the German Federal Network Agency back in 2007. Then the Swiss energy market was faced with the task of implementing and standardizing data communication to comply with the ebIX standard. As a counterpart to the solutions it developed for the German market, which are being used by over 100 energy providers, Bosch Software Innovations developed a pre-configured solution for Switzerland too.

Enactment of the Swiss Electricity Supply Act was accompanied by the setting out of the data exchange processes required for the deregulated Swiss electricity market. In particular, meter data exchange and switching processes and their implementation were defined. The resulting standards permit automated processing. Since the start of deregulation on January 1, 2009, market participants were required to be able to apply these standards either on their own or in cooperation with a service provider.

For implementation of the current requirements of the Swiss electricity market, Bosch Software Innovations offers market participants pre-configured ebIX process packages for defined business processes based on inubit BPM. This package contains all required processes along with a built-in monitoring component. For SAP users, there are special solutions that integrate SAP systems.


ebIX Switching Processes


The ebIX process package supports the automated and standards-compliant initiation and processing of the following switching processes:

  • Supplier switch
  • Supply end
  • Basic supply
  • Entry / End consumer switch / Exit
  • Replacement of allocation list

The example shows the solution for ebIX switching processes using the supplier switching process. Here, an employee of the new supplier has the option of initiating a supplier switch via a portal.

The solution automatically carries out ebIX processing and sends the corresponding message to the distribution network operator. The operator receives a task in the portal, where it can edit and process the supplier switch.

A monitoring function allows the operator to view information such as deadlines and process statuses. As an option, the web-based maintenance of master data can also be carried out via the portal.


ebIX Meter Data Exchange


The pre-configured and easy-to-implement solution for the ebIX meter data exchange supports the following processes:

  • Energy billing and forecast
  • Cost cascading
  • Cost allocation
  • Balancing group billing

In the case of meter data exchange, the ebIX process package looks after the task of converting incoming ebIX messages into MSCONS messages. The MSCONS format was chosen because it is supported by all the main EDM systems. A comparison is carried out with the master data maintained in a system-specific database.

There is a special solution for SAP users, whereby the master data comparison via BAPI takes place directly over the SAP IS-U system. In this case, the returned status information is being made available in the monitoring portal and is archived in SAP in a parallel process. In the monitoring portal, employees and management receive evaluations of the meter data exchange processes in real time.