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BPM for Energy – Market Communication – Process Package GPKE/GeLiGas


The Process Package GPKE/GeLiGas


For virtually all participants in the German electricity and gas markets, the most pressing obligation today is to implement German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) requirements.

For implementing BNetzA requirements in relation to GPKE and GeLiGas processes, Bosch Software Innovations offers market participants a pre-configured process package that contains all EDIFACT message types which are required and specified by BNetzA. This enables energy providers and public utilities to implement legal requirements quickly, cost-effectively and in compliance with relevant standards.

This package contains all needed and by the BNetzA predetermined EDIFACT message types (UTILMD, MSCONS, REQDOC, CONTRL, APERAK, REMADV and INVOIC) and enable power suppliers and public utilities to implement legal requirements fast and cost-efficiently.

The process package can be connected to company-specific IT systems with minimal effort, enabling companies to achieve thorough process integration. With this pre-configured solution, providers benefit not only from the rapid implementation of current requirements, but also from numerous further inubit BPM options for complete process and business partner integration.




  • Pre-configured and therefore quick-to-implement solution for applying BNetzA requirements
  • Fully graphical configuration – no programming
  • Fast and flexibly adjustable to changing legal requirements
  • Can be adjusted quickly and flexibly when regulations change
  • Support for all legally prescribed EDIFACT message types (EDIFACT, XML, Excel, CSV, Edig@s) and numerous protocols (in particular EDIINT AS2, AS4, X.400, e-mail, FTP(S), HTTP(S))
  • Integration of in-house IT systems (SAP IS-U, Gas-X)
  • Reduction of process and transaction costs by means of optimal data and process integration
  • Encryption/Signature
  • Consolidation/Flexibilization of applications by means of a central integration server that also optimally integrates legacy systems
  • Transparent and centrally controlled processes that run in the selected process framework

Implementing the new gas network access model


The new gas network access model lays down new rights and regulations for network operators in the natural gas cooperation agreement. For example, the model stipulates that feed-in network operators, balancing group network operators and balancing group managers should acknowledge allocations in EDIG@S / EDIFACT format. These requirements can also be realized with Bosch Software Innovations.