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BPM for Energy – Market Communication – Process Package HKNR


The Process Package HKNR – Market rules for communication with the German Federal Environment Agency’s Guarantee of Origin Register


Art. 15 of EU Directive 2009/28/EC requires EU member states to issue guarantees of origin for energy from renewable sources and record them in an electronic register. Germany implements this directive primarily by means of Section 55 of the German Renewable Energies Act and the German Ordinance on Guarantees of Origin for Electricity from Renewable Sources (HkNV) of November 28, 2011. The German Federal Environment Agency was charged with setting up the Guarantee of Origin Register.

With the HKNR process package for the Market Process Manager, distribution network operators are able to achieve problem-free communication with the German Federal Environment Agency while taking all requirements into account.

The processes to be carried out for transmitting and/or exchanging master and transaction data between distribution network operators and HKNR are supplied in full. In the integrated energy web portal, all processes are displayed fully in a clear overview – for example, at what time any given master data or meter data were transmitted to the German Federal Environment Agency. New subscription requests by the German Federal Environment Agency are received via the integrated task management system and made available to the relevant employees for further process release and continuation.