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BPM for Energy – Market Communication – Process Package MPES


The Process Package MPES "Market processes for feed-in points (electricity)"


Market processes for feed-in points can be automated quickly and easily with the Market Process Manager from Bosch Software Innovations

Operators of energy production installations as defined by the 2012 German Renewable Energy Act are obliged to implement specific “market processes for feed-in points (electricity)” since October 1, 2013. To this end, they must implement the procedural requirements specified by the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

This process package enables network operators, direct marketers and suppliers to implement the requirements regarding the switching process quickly and easily and to ensure market conformity. It enables market processes to be automated and the entire processing of feed-in processes to be controlled from the perspective of particular market roles:

  • Identification (feed-in)
  • Termination (feed-in)
  • Supply start (feed-in)
  • Supply end (feed-in)
  • Substitute demand (feed-in)
  • Cancellation and reverse transactions
  • Master data changes
  • Allocation lists
  • Meter data transmission
  • Transaction data enquiries
  • Network use billing