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BPM for Energy

BPM for Energy - Lösungen für den Energiemarkt

Solutions for the Energy Market with BPM for Energy


Bosch Software Innovations supplies players of all sizes in the energy market with a range of standard solutions – solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into preexisting IT landscapes.

Our BPM for Energy solutions are based on high-performance technologies – with the emphasis naturally on those related to Business Process Management (BPM). Standard solutions designed specifically for the sector allow you to maneuver far more easily in today’s deregulated energy markets.


Market Communication

By using our solutions, energy companies can be sure that their market communication processes are always in line with regulatory requirements. We help players in the gas and electricity market automate their processes for switching, balancing, scheduling, and forecasting. Using preconfigured process packages, you can implement market regulations such as MaBiS, GPKE, WiM, GeLiGas, ebiX, ESS, and REMIT and allows you to execute processes for switching suppliers. Our solutions support ENTSOG’s preferred AS4 protocol in accordance with the OASIS ebMS 3.0 specifications for exchanging documents over a standardized system connector.


Master Data Management

Since process-critical master data is often distributed over numerous systems, our solution for managing master data quality ensures that your master data is complete and up to date across the board. Maintaining the quality of your process-critical master data requires eliminating any inconsistencies in it, as they drive up costs. Our solution for managing master data quality employs transparent and easily adaptable rule models for checking the plausibility of the data and distributing it among relevant systems.


Web Portals

As a central gateway to the world of the energy industry’s various processes, we offer a universal portal for market partners, end customers, and internal business users that you can adapt to your business environment using freely definable views and workflows. Working together with our partners, we integrate existing contract management and workforce management systems into overall solutions. This lets you monitor and optimize all business processes from start to finish across different systems.


Process Monitoring

Our solution for monitoring communication processes in the energy market pools messages and errors from across different systems and allocates them to the correct processes. Detailed status information about business processes provided by different systems makes it possible to keep a close eye on both data and processes. In this way, energy companies can utilize the scope for shaping the energy market’s increasingly complex communication processes.