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BPM for Energy – energy web portal solutions


Web portal solutions for all energy market partners


Bosch Software Innovations offers market partners, end customers and internal business users a universal portal to fulfill their process management requirements.

The portal includes ready-made components for visualizing time series and process KPIs, for workflow-based processing, and for the constant monitoring of all systems and market processes involved.

Freely definable views and workflows enable users to adapt the portal to their individual requirements and business environment.

The option of flexible role and rights-dependent portal views enables companies to allocate individually tailored functional interfaces to execute the necessary process steps to all persons involved in a specific market process. Furthermore, there are the additional advantages of universal process portals.

We offer portal solutions for the following roles


Market partner portals

End customer portal

Employee portals


Companies can provide their market partners with partner-specific views containing KPIs in the form of charts, time series, status/process evaluations and master data overviews. This gives partners a permanent overview of their current market situation. In addition, service platforms are created in the portal via process applications. These service platforms enable companies to seamlessly integrate external parties who are involved in the process into the internal process flow.


  • Specific views for market partners (Time series; Master data overviews; Charts)
  • Balancing group management portal

The customer self-service portal offers end customers the option of viewing individual customer data and product information online. Additional functions such as tariff switching, fault reporting and product add-ons are provided in an online service center. In addition, consumption data can be visualized, accessed at any time, or supplied periodically.


  • Individual customer data, product information and consumption data can be viewed online
  • Online service center for additional functions (Tariff switching; Fault reporting; Integration into contract management; Integration into workforce management)

The portal gives employees centralized access to specific business applications that provide information from different systems (EDM, CRM, billing, GIS), greatly reducing the time needed for processing. This is supported and facilitated by a wide range of system and process-independent monitoring tools (Process Monitor). Faulty processes and incidents requiring clarification are reported automatically, and business users can intervene in the processes directly from the portal by means of task-controlled workflows.


  • System independent, concentrated data and process monitoring
  • Pooling of status information
  • Allocation of incidents requiring clarification to processes (Employees can intervene and take control)