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ConnectedEnergy solutions in use at Allgäuer Überlandwerk (AÜW)


Success Story


Fast, flawless and transparent: change processes in measurement


Until recently, only few electricity customers changed their metering service provider. In preparing itself for the future, Allgäuer Überlandwerk, with the support of Bosch Software Innovations, has automated the WiM processes (Change Processes in Measurement). The company has already benefited from this move with a halving of the case processing time alongside process quality that is manually unachievable.



The introduction of “Change Processes in Measurement” has allowed customers to freely choose their meter operators, which in turn calls for simplified and fast processing. With the deadline of October 1, 2011, it was necessary to standardize the predefined processes of the German Federal Network Agency and to provide the infrastructure for its automated processing:

  • Establishing new processes for metering point operation and metering service providers
  • Ensuring problem-free comparison of master data and the changes made to it



Based on inubit, the required processes such as collection, processing and distribution of the relevant measurement information were introduced:

  • Definition of the special requirements of AÜW; jointly developed criteria catalog
  • Checking incoming messages for validity and plausibility
  • Involving an employee if an application fails the automated check
  • Straightforward status display of processes and messages of the transmitted market data with the inubit Process Monitor
  • Deadline monitor for depicting deadlines with the aid of Gantt charts
  • Reports on the number of implemented or rejected change processes
  • Connection to the SAP IS-U system through an SAP add-on

Results Achieved


After only three months of project duration, the tailor-made solution was ready to be implemented at a central site for the gathering of data on market and communication partners, as well as checking, managing and completing the processing of incoming change applications:

  • An estimated cutting in half of the case processing time as compared to manual processing
  • Clear increase in the quality of the processed applications
  • Adaptation of the GPKE and GeLiGas processes for changing suppliers