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ConnectedEnergy solutions in use at Wingas


Meeting gas market challenges with flexible processes


As an important partner in the German and European gas market, WINGAS demands a great deal from their IT environment. Company procedures must be adjusted efficiently, new systems must be designed for easy connectivity and scaling and new processes must be implemented quickly. In order to implement these IT requirements whilst maintaining the required levels of flexibility, WINGAS decided to use inubit BPM.



For the reception and sending of gas market-specific messages, three important areas in the WINGAS “Operations” business area need to be covered:

  • Exchange of business messages throughout the European gas market via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Integration of the highly heterogeneous system environment within the company
  • Monitoring and control of production processes by WINGAS employees using a process portal (e.g. contracts and nominations)



Using inubit BPM, WINGAS can display all message formats relevant to the gas market in EDIG@S, Excel and CSV, among others:

  • Fast set-up of new business messages through generic, reusable workflows and their control through process variables based on databases
  • Easier maintenance of the overall system through the use of a central process control platform
  • High system stability through a high-availability system solution including all relevant auxiliary systems such as FTP routers or mail systems

Results Achieved


inubit BPM distributes all business-critical data to downstream IT systems and provides a portal for monitoring process quality and promoting employee participation:

  • Connection of different back end systems, conversion of different data formats as a data platform
  • Flexible data control due to the simplicity of changing the configuration
  • Monitoring and surveillance of production processes in real time
  • Professional process control by responsible employees