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ConnectedEnergy Solutions in use at NetConnect Germany (NCG)

NetConnect Germany

Success Story


Networked Communication at the Market Partner Level at NetConnect Germany

NetConnect Germany

“Workflow control makes work much easier for the users because they no longer have to collect the information required for processing the processes from a number of different sources. To achieve the highest level of automation possible, validation and plausibility check workflows have also been implemented. In addition, escalation mechanisms support punctual processing, especially for critical processes.”

Barbara Schröder, NetConnect Germany



To handle the market communication in the context of market area cooperation, a universal communication and process platform that enables all persons involved to collaborate across teams was to be introduced:

  • System connection of all partners spread across the country, consolidation of their activities using workflows
  • Standard software that can be adjusted to rapidly changing BNetzA (German Federal Network Agency) requirements and market conditions even after operation has commenced



For NCG, inubit BPM offered a universal platform for handling all market communication that serves both the perspective of the person responsible for the market area as well as the market partners:

  • All relevant market information available on one platform
  • Automatic, qualified error logs that include relevance and schema checks as well as logical and semantic checks during data transfer
  • Human workflows for selective staff integration

Results Achieved


By choosing inubit, NCG has decided for a supplier that combines powerful technology with the flexibility required for implementing projects for the energy market:

  • Handling the entire market communication of approx. 40,000 data records per day and roughly 520 distribution network operators on one platform
  • Easy extensibility for data volume increases of 10 percent per month and new BNetzA requirements
  • Accelerated check processes and decreasing error rates during data transfer thanks to check routines and automatic error logs