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ConnectedEnergy solutions in use at Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG

Success Story


Schedule management in the Austrian energy market

Salzburg AG

“Without inubit BPM, Salzburg AG would not be able to offer the flexibility dictated by the market. It helps us meet requirements in a new, ground-breaking way. The option to adapt the software without having to involve Bosch Software Innovations support is one of the great advantages of this solution.”

Martin Olsen, Project Manager, Salzburg AG



The growing volume of the schedule and information exchange called for a powerful solution to manage the processing of energy transactions using schedules promptly and correctly in multiple markets:

  • Flexible adaptation of interfaces to make it possible to respond to changing market conditions quickly and without external help
  • Automatic processing of energy transactions
  • Integration of different regional rules for the exchange of schedules



With inubit BPM, Bosch Software Innovations meets all the project realization and technical criteria:

  • Knowledge transfer through XML training and BPM crash course provided by Bosch Software Innovations
  • Successful project implementation and extensive specifications as well as professional support for project coordination and troubleshooting
  • Performance test of inubit BPM via pilot project and subsequent roll-out

Results Achieved


inubit BPM offers the required flexibility for Salzburg AG to meet the changing requirements of the energy market:

  • Handles the sending of all schedules including data formatting of the leading external systems
  • Replaced complex interface structure with uniform, clear star architecture and interface monitoring
  • Minimized schedule errors, reducing the expenditure for expensive unscheduled power flows, cost reduction