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ConnectedEnergy Solutions in use at Stromnetz Berlin

Stromnetz Berlin

Premiere of a new radio-based, digital solution for managing the power grid


With the old infrastructure reaching the end of its service life and due for replacement, Berlin’s distribution grid operator “Stromnetz Berlin” was looking for a way to achieve reliable, secure, and cost-efficient management of loads and decentralized power generation plants in the low-voltage grid. But that wasn’t all: it also wanted a solution that was equipped for the future requirements of the smart grid.

Stromnetz Berlin found two partners: the public mobile network operator e*Message and Bosch Software Innovations. Together, they designed and implemented a system for the Berlin power grid that is capable of securely and reliably assuming important control functions – both auxiliary and critical to grid operation – in thousands of customer plants in the future.

The solution is called StromPager, and it already fulfills many requirements of the future smart grid.

When Stromnetz Berlin premiered the innovative StromPager in September 2014, it became the first distribution grid in Germany to use pager radio technology for the smart management of consumption and generation plants. This has significantly expanded the range of functions available compared to conventional ripple control systems.


More requirements met

  • Reliable control of a large number of decentralized consumption and generation plants, ensuring grid stability
  • Space-saving; cost-effective to run and maintain

More objectives achieved

  • Commercially extensive scalability, from individual applications to hundreds of thousands of receivers
  • Protection against misuse that meets the latest IT security standards
  • High degree of reliability and fault tolerance
  • Centralization of complex functions
  • Remote parameterization and remote control capability for individual receivers

More functions provided

  • Time management using a time signal that can be authenticated
  • Safeguarding of remote control data integrity through strong digital signatures
  • Commands with different levels of effectiveness (immediate or time-controlled, with or without subsequent adjustment)
  • Remote parameterization of receivers in the field
  • Individually configurable control of groups and single units
  • Remote parameterization of autonomous switching programs (timer function)
  • Integrated prioritization of switching program, normal command, and emergency command from control room

The architecture of the StromPager solution

The solution and its interfaces


"The StromPager broadcasting system helps us significantly reduce the risk of blackouts in Berlin’s power supply system."

Dr. Helmar Rendez, Chairman of Management of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH