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ConnectedEnergy solutions in use at Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich (EWZ)

Success Story


Transport platform serving the energy data management


“After the integration of the processes for the Swiss energy market and initial experience with inubit BPM, we were surprised by the software’s potential. We will expand its application to additional areas of the company in order to use the software’s capacities increasingly for networking heterogeneous IT systems and process monitoring and control.”

Andreas Eilingsfeld, project manager,ewz



On the liberalized energy market, the challenge was to design the processes so that they could be traced easily and, as one of the main players on the Swiss energy market, to meet the standards for handling exchange processes in line with the market:

  • Automation of bulk data exchange and exchange processes as well as their implementation according to the SDAT and MC-CH industry documents
  • Integration of the very heterogeneous IT landscape
  • Due to a lack of resources and the requirement for prompt implementation: no in-house development but a tried and tested standard product



inubit BPM convinced ewz as the only full-scope solution that met its requirements:

  • Complete automation of the transport of metering and scheduling data as per SDAT via FTP, with e-mail communication as a backup
  • Integration of the energy data management and energy industry systems
  • Use of the preconfigured “ebIX LW” process package for supplier changes

Results Achieved


Above and beyond meeting the legal requirements, ewz profits by using inubit BPM to:

  • Save time and costs thanks to the faster implementation of changes to the system environment and save personnel costs for operating the system due to its ease-of-use
  • Automate the supplier change processes with complete opening of the market
  • Automate internal company processes