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Smart Meter Gateway Administration with the Meter Gateway Manager

Meter Gateway Manager
Marginal Column

Smart meter gateway administration: Efficiently managing complex demands


What are the issues to consider for the rollout of smart metering infrastructure?


New meter infrastructure is to be rolled out shortly. Because of the fixed price ceilings, competitive regulations, and data protection and data security demands involved, it is imperative to make smart meter gateway administration as efficient as possible.



How do you make the rollout cost-effective and remain competitive by meeting or even coming in under the price ceiling?

How do you consistently automate the complex processes involved in establishing meter gateways and setting up metering tasks?


Do you have the qualified personnel needed to meet new metering demands?

How can you incorporate smart metering infrastructure into the wider system management?


How do you communicate with external market players?

How do you integrate existing IT infrastructure?


Can you implement regulatory changes quickly and efficiently?

Will you offer smart meter gateway administration as a service as well?


What new business areas does smart metering open up for you?

Find answers to all these questions here.




Competition and price ceilings

Increasing complexity and digitalization


Germany’s legislation on smart metering (known as the Messstellenbetriebsgesetz) has put a great deal of cost pressure on metering operators. There are clear price ceilings accompanied by competitive conditions, but at the same time, the rollout, operation, and especially the complex security requirements of metering infrastructure incur significant costs. Operators therefore must automate processes as much as possible and offer value-added services. Software as a Service can play an important role in overcoming these challenges.

Smart metering in accordance with TR-03109, a guideline of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, is increasing the complexity of the data exchange processes involved in metering operations. As a result, metering operators are becoming more like IT companies.

With market players’ roles and responsibilities also changing, we are seeing increased demand for a smart and scalable energy management system that automates processes.



Overview of running actions in the Meter Gateway Manager

Aiming for stability in the distribution grid


Decentralized energy production from renewable resources is subject to heavy fluctuation – which is why it is important to actively manage consumption and the energy supply to the grid. Flexible management of energy consumption fulfills the need to keep the distribution grid stable, and is made possible by the new metering infrastructure.


Transparency and control of consumption

Focus on data security


In the future, energy consumption will be controlled with flexible tariffs that incentivize reducing consumption or increasing it in ways that support grid stability. More frequent and precise measurements provide consumers with the requisite transparency while adhering to the most stringent data protection standards.

It is becoming more and more critical to secure IT systems in the energy industry. Protecting personal data and defending the power grid from unauthorized access are the number one priority. This is why security requirements for the new metering systems and their operators are so high, with all of the increased operating costs that that entails.


Support from smart software

What public utilities need is a secure, modular, scalable, and easy-to-use software solution for operating the new metering infrastructure. This will allow them to efficiently overcome the upcoming challenges presented by the new metering legislation in their operations.

Meter Gateway Manager brochure (PDF)

Meter Gateway Manager