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The Meter Gateway Manager – the safe, adaptable, and certified solution

Controlling and managing all the processes related to smart metering systems
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Automated, secure, and forward-looking


Smart meter gateway administration places high demands on the IT landscape and its associated processes. The technology must fulfill the security requirements laid down by the German Federal Office for Information Security – and this has a significant impact on existing processes.

The demands of the new infrastructure are many and complex: the rollout; on-site installation; regular operation; and communication between the smart meter gateway, gateway administrator, and external market players. Meeting these demands costs a lot of money, which is why it is essential to automate processes; doing so cuts down on the time and potential error involved in manual intervention and also optimizes costs.


Price ceilings and pressure from the competition? Add value with automation!

Rolling out a smart metering infrastructure presents your company with numerous new opportunities. The Meter Gateway Manager helps you simplify the management of increasingly complex metering processes and boost efficiency through measures such as automation. Combine it with the Rollout Process Manager and you can automate all of the processes involved in smart metering.


You have installation technicians but no IT experts? Don’t worry, you don’t need them!

The Meter Gateway Manager has a range of user modes to choose from according to the user’s individual preferences. Whether it’s the automatic, guided, or expert mode, a series of visual monitoring functions ensure that you can maintain an overview of the status of all relevant processes. This means that even users without an in-depth knowledge of IT enjoy using the Meter Gateway Manager.


Want to communicate with external market players? Do it today with the standard of tomorrow.

The Meter Gateway Manager offers an additional optional module, the Metering Data Hub.

This hub is a complete EMP system, which not only communicates with external market players (EMP) but is also (based on current regulations) ready for the changes in the law governing metering.


Stay flexible with our modular, scalable, tried-and-tested software!

The Meter Gateway Manager is part of our metering portfolio, which consists of tried-and-tested components from the Bosch IoT Suite, like the inubit BPM software.

These individual components can be easily and flexibly adapted to your individual requirements. And should regulations or your processes change, you can quickly and easily modify the components at any time.


Have you already invested in IT infrastructure? Keep on using it!

Implementing the Meter Gateway Manager means you can easily expand your existing IT environment. A variety of standard connectors allows you to connect your own systems, such as ERP, EDM, billing, and WFM. The result is comprehensive process automation and optimization as well as communication among the individual systems, while cutting the costs of implementation and boosting added value.


Software as a Service? SaaS powered by Bosch.

You can also benefit from our Smart Gateway Meter Administration in the form of Software as a Service, with hosting in a certified computing center.

That reduces your company’s capital costs and frees up resources that would otherwise be required for hardware, software, maintenance, data security, and certificate management. And you can be sure your software is always up to date.


Metering is the foundation of value-added services and new business areas. Are you ready?

Metering provides you with the opportunity to offer your customers value-added services and set yourself apart from the competition. Expand your portfolio with prepaid services, integrate smart home applications, and boost your customer loyalty. Electromobility, energy trading, and services that support the grid through virtual power plants are other areas that offer new business opportunities and the chance to create value.


Have the smart system management already built-in without attached costs!

Traditional system management programs are not designed to cope with the master data of smart metering systems. But the Meter Gateway Manager has a system management function specially designed for meter operators; it can be integrated into existing infrastructure and supports the administration of smart metering systems. This saves you the additional cost of having to adapt your existing systems.

Meter Gateway Manager brochure (PDF)

Meter Gateway Manager