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The Virtual Power Plant Manager – your benefits


Optimizing the grid and the energy trading


Virtual Power Plant Manager: your benefits at a glance

  • A single solution for optimizing grids and energy trading
  • Integrates all kinds of distributed smart grid components including storage systems
  • Reduces the volume of data to a minimum
  • Optimizes existing flexibility
  • Smart energy marketing
  • Proactive management of your distribution network
  • Reduces grid expansion costs

Software as a Service (SaaS) - No need to invest in new systems, fewer operating risks


Enjoy the benefits of Virtual Power Plant Manager in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted by the Bosch computer center. That reduces your company’s capital costs and frees up resources that would otherwise be required for hardware, software, maintenance, data security, and certificate management. That means you can be sure your software is always fully up to date.

SaaS: your benefits at a glance

  • Cost-effective alternative to developing or purchasing your own software
  • Ability to respond flexibly to changing market demands
  • Professional support by specialized service experts
  • Significantly lower operating risks
  • Optimum scalability

Modular expansion - further solutions and components to Virtual Power Plant Manager

Modular expandability: Virtual Power Plant Manager
Virtual Power Plant Manager brochure

Virtual Power Plant Manager

White paper Virtual Power Plant

Analyst white paper: "A new generation of Virtual Power Plants"