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Der Virtual Power Plant Manager – the software solution for virtual power plants


Intelligent cross-linking of distributed energy facilities


The Virtual Power Plant Manager enables you to connect up distributed energy facilities to form virtual power plants and combine flexibility options.

Create a virtual power plant and you will be able to run your business cost-effectively by planning, controlling, and monitoring energy supply, energy consumption, and energy storage. As well as enabling you to manage grid stability, this also paves the way for meeting all the future performance requirements of a smart grid.

By opting for the Virtual Power Plant Manager, you will be able to optimize grid stability and maximize your energy trading revenues. Whether you are looking to optimize the commercial or technical aspects of your business, the Virtual Power Plant Manager offers recommendations corresponding to the rules and conditions you have defined, at any time you need.

Smart Grid Distribution Network

Virtual Power Plant Manager at a glance

  • Intelligent CLS control (Controllable Local Systems) of renewables-based plants
  • Technical enhancement and optimization of grid stability
  • Optimization of energy trading revenues

How it works


The Virtual Power Plant Manager draws on various external data that are available via web-based interfaces, including weather forecast data and market prices. These data are consolidated in terms of power generation and consumption. Finally, the plants in the portfolio are prioritized for activation in a merit order list.

Optimization with the Virtual Power Plant Manager

Trading optimization

The flexibility profiles of the individual plants are aggregated and then optimized, taking into account the predefined rules and framework conditions. Depending on the strategy selected, various optimization stages are executed. For commercial optimization, the Virtual Power Plant Manager determines what quantities of power should be generated, sold, or stored at which point in time, taking multiple different prices into consideration.

Grid optimization

The Virtual Power Plant Manager identifies the optimum strategy for maintaining stability in the distribution grid, incorporating additional data on the grid voltage in order to harmonize power consumption and generation and keep voltage levels stable. This guarantees optimum load profiles on the distribution grid.

The two optimization approaches can be used either independently of each other or simultaneously. The result is a new, updated, and aggregated target schedule which can be further broken down for each individual plant.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Is optimization really that fast?

Is optimization really that simple?


The Virtual Power Plant Manager draws on a wealth of data to determine the flexibility of distributed generation plants. Using a specially designed algorithm, it reduces the calculated optimization conditions for each plant to two flexibility profiles. This keeps data and calculations to a minimum and ensures they do not grow exponentially. That in turn allows you to optimize even large numbers of facilities at short intervals.

The Virtual Power Plant Manager works continuously to determine the ideal production quantities for your plants. It compares this against your storage capacity, your own needs, and any leeway you have for additional energy consumption. The innovative software offers recommendations on how much energy you should produce, store, or consume with each plant at each point in time and which form of marketing is most likely to achieve the targets you have set.


How much control does it give me?

How does it improve my profitability?


Do you have only limited control when it comes to monitoring and managing your grid voltage? The Virtual Power Plant Manager can put you back in the driver’s seat. It uses the grid voltage data from smart metering systems such as the Meter Gateway Manager by Bosch Software Innovations. That enables you to analyze the status of your distribution network online and predict and optimize changes in individual loads over time.

Have you already invested in smart metering systems? Then you can go beyond smart metering and use them to optimize your grid as well. How? By feeding your network voltage data into the Virtual Power Plant Manager. That will enable you to shift loads to the parts of your grid that have free capacity. And that means you can take a far more cost-effective approach to planning the maintenance and expansion of your grid.