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Virtual Power Plant Manager

Virtual Power Plant Manager

Optimizing the grid and energy trading


The energy market is changing. Consumers are becoming producers who feed the energy they produce locally into medium- and low-voltage grids.

The related metamorphosis of power distribution networks into smart grids calls for flexible software solutions for the smart management of distributed plants. That is why Bosch Software Innovations developed the Virtual Power Plant Manager.

The Virtual Power Plant Manager provides a single turnkey solution that allows grid operators, energy traders, and aggregators to adopt the smart approach to managing distributed facilities.

The innovative software platform enables you to connect up distributed energy facilities to form virtual power plants and combine flexibility options. Creating a virtual power plant will make it easier for you to optimize grid stability and maximize your energy trading earnings. Whether you are looking to optimize the commercial or technical aspects of your business, the Virtual Power Plant Manager provides a single solution for every scenario.

Make the Virtual Power Plant Manager the key to the successful operation of your plant portfolio.

New strategies for distributed energy production and consumption

The use of renewable energy sources has radically changed the power industry. The traditional model of a small number of centralized power plants is giving way to the system of distributed generation, in which electricity is generated in many small facilities. Consumers are simultaneously acting as producers, feeding the energy they produce (e.g. solar or wind energy) into the medium- and low-voltage grid. This means that energy flows that were previously unidirectional are increasingly becoming bidirectional.

The feed-in of electricity by distributed generators increasingly poses new challenges to distribution companies, particularly in light of the volatility of renewables-based power generation. Consequently, interventions to stabilize the grid are required much more frequently than they were in the past.

Grid operators are doing everything they can to manage this complex situation, in which they are required to manage loads, keep voltage stable across the system, guarantee security of supply, and avoid plant shutdowns. What they need is an innovative, flexible, and scalable software solution with smart control functions for distributed plants.


Industry Alliance

Industry Alliance VHPready e.V.

We promote the development of a standard for setting up and operating virtual power plants.

Bosch Global

Technology for the energy turnaround

Virtual power plants pool and manage energy from different renewable sources.