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White paper and checkliste: "A roadmap for the rollout of smart meters"

Smart Meter Rollout

A roadmap for the rollout of smart meters. Strategy – Planning – Implementation


The smart meter rollout is about much more than changing meters. This transition from analog to smart metering points needs to be carefully planned for – and it demands a radical rethink in strategy.

schäffler sinnogy’s white paper provides a roadmap with specific recommendations for the rollout of smart metering infrastructure. Meanwhile, the checklist is a thorough guideline that can help you implement the rollout.

With the roadmap and the checklist to help them from the outset, metering point operators can make systematic use of the opportunities the rollout presents. This will help mitigate risks and ensure they remain competitive.

Roadmap for the rollout of smart meters

White paper & checklist

"A roadmap for the rollout of smart meters"


Dr. Harald Schäffler

Dr. Harald Schäffler

The author Dr. Harald Schäffler is an innovation expert for the energy industry.

His consultancy schäffler sinnogy focuses on innovation management and the development of business models for energy companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.