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Manufacturing Analytics solutions

Manufacturing Analytics tools & services
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Data analytics in heat treatment

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Manufacturing Analytics in practice

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Brochure Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Brochure Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Manufacturing Analytics: Analyze your production data, generate added value


"Extensive experiments for analyzing interactions is a thing of the past. We support our customers with influence and interference analyses, as well as with the identification of cause and effect relationships using existing production data at a fraction of the time and materials cost.”

Any problems which crop up must be resolved immediately, or avoided entirely by detecting deviations early on. Also, production managers are called upon to continuously improve their production processes as well as reduce costs, all while maintaining or increasing quality.

Large quantities of data of varying types (testing, process, and machine data) are generated from various sources. These data form the basis of both root cause analyses when problems occur, and of continuous improvement through identifying previously unknown correlations. Today, such data is frequently referred to as the “the new oil of the economy”.

Use this data to generate added value with Manufacturing Analytics!


Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Intelligently utilize existing production data

In order to effectively utilize existing production data, it must first be integrated and visualized so that it may then be analyzed using suitable data mining methods. Going a step further, the predictive models generated can be integrated into the customer's IT environment and applied to real-time data, such as for predictive maintenance.


An overview of Manufacturing Analytics tools & services




Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Analytics results for reducing end-of-line testing efforts

We develop user-friendly, browser-based applications for typical problems in production scenarios which manufacturing experts can use as a self-service - either as standard or as customized tools.

For production planners with a focus on end-of-line testing, we offer tools such as providing insights regarding individual test steps, that help identify potential for reducing testing effort - all with the same high product quality standards, and without the need to call on analytics experts.

In the orientation phase – before the start of a Manufacturing Analytics project – we help you specify your use cases in particularly designed training sessions and workshops. We also verify the feasibility and benefits of analytics for your processes.
We offer Manufacturing Analytics services in 3 phases, tailored to the customer’s specific project requirements and objectives.

Phase 1: Initial Insights

Learn more about your production data!
The goal of this phase is to gain initial insights based on a limited selection of your existing production data, for example in order to increase the first-pass-yield.

Phase 2: Advanced Intelligence

Get ready to act on your improvement potential!
In this phase, the insights gathered are verified using a larger pool of data, for instance to assess the field risk of a product.

Phase 3: Automated Analytics

Create sustainable value by automation!
The results from phase 2 are now implemented in the customer's IT environment, for example as a prediction model to determine the optimum time for dressing the electrode tip of a welding robot.

Maintenance & Support

We offer continuous support for further developing your real-time application algorithms.


Current Manufacturing Analytics projects


Our Manufacturing Analytics services are based on the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). In our Manufacturing Analytics projects, we apply an enhanced form of this standard: instead of purely doing data-oriented analysis, we place primary emphasis on an expert-level understanding of the customer's problem, as well as the context of data.

Our Manufacturing Analytics engineers – experts with many years’ practical experience in production planning or similar – assist you in the planning and implementation of your analytics project.

Let our expertise help guide you towards your objectives.


Improve quality

Analysis of field data (field failure risk, warranty cost reduction)

Analysis of process quality (surface coating, heat treatment)

  • Process standardization (packaging)
  • Analysis of testing efforts and results
  • Scrap & rework part analysis
  • Root cause analysis

Increase Performance

  • Reduction of calibration times
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Reduce testing times

Reduce maintenance costs

Predictive maintenance

  • Condition monitoring / Machine health monitoring
Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Benefits of Bosch Manufacturing Analytics at a glance


Interdisciplinary team

Goal focused & iterative


A good combination matters!

Draw upon the experience of our data scientists, Manufacturing Analytics engineers, and IT specialists for your Manufacturing Analytics software project!

Rapid results which add value!

Working closely with you, we implement your project in an objective oriented fashion, employing proven methods derived from more than five years of Manufacturing Analytics experience at Bosch.


Automated analytics

Maintenance & Support


More than an analytics service project!

We support you with our extensive experience in software development and product management by implementing the resulting algorithms and predictive models with live data in your IT environment as software!

Our service goes further:

Even after the results have been handed over, we continue to assist you with the continuous development of your implemented analytics models and applications.


A global presence

Getting started


No matter where you are!

Our Manufacturing Analytics services are available worldwide thanks to Bosch's global footprint.

At our workshops, you will get everything you need to launch your analytics project or initiative.


From “getting started” ... to “Automated Analytics”


Industrial analytics projects are an excellent starting point for Industry 4.0 initiatives. They assist production managers in effectively analyzing existing large quantities of information (big data) to identify unknown correlations and achieve insights about production processes, in addition to generating benefits along the value chain. Application areas range from product development and production planning to quality management and maintenance tasks.

We work in equal measure with customers from discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing; from the automotive industry and other manufacturing areas; from SMEs to large corporations, small-volume to large-scale production.

Our Manufacturing Analytics tools and services are useful both for manufacturers as well as machine and component suppliers.

Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Accurate prediction helps to reduce test and calibration time significantly (displayed example: by 10% respectively 45%).


Users benefit by analyzing existing production and quality data: from analysis of correlations within processes as well as calibration and test time reductions, to scrap and rework part analysis.

Suppliers using Manufacturing Analytics can increase their competitiveness while offering new integrated analytics functionality: through downtime prediction (for predictive maintenance), avoiding quality-altering spot welding splatters, and structured analysis of field data.



New business areas for machine and component manufacturers

For machine and component manufacturers, Manufacturing Analytics offers potential for new business areas - in order to profit from the growth engine of a digitalized and connected production. By connecting your devices and components with Manufacturing Analytics, you as the manufacturer can offer your customers an all-inclusive, worry-free package. You thus provide them with functions and services for continuous process improvement along with your product. Machinery and component manufacturers themselves benefit as well, since their competitive edge increases, their portfolio expands, and their devices are enabled for Industry 4.0.