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Hannover Messe 2016

Real-time visualization of production data

Stabilisierung und Optimierung von Maschinen-KPIs mit dem Production Performance Manager

Stabilization and optimization of machine KPIs

How can production experts stabilize and optimize machine KPI's on their own?

The Production Performance Manager provides a snapshot of the current status of individual machines, and of the production system as a whole. Response times are shortened, tasks are clearly allocated, and information is made permanently accessible. The continuous improvement process is optimally supported through the new availability of data and direct feedback.

Production Performance Manager


Energy efficiency in production

Energy Plattform

Energy Platform

With the Energy Platform from Bosch, companies and property owners gain a comprehensive overview of all their energy costs, thus providing an optimal basis for additional efficiency measures. This powerful tool captures all relevant data, evaluates it and displays it in a highly informative manner.

As a building block for Industry 4.0 solutions, the platform allows functionality such as the ability to switch selected consumption groups on and off automatically according to custom defined rules in order to reduce peak loads. Following the collection of individualized energy data, the system states and consumption data of a building or property, or the data of several sites, can be analyzed and displayed in aggregate worldwide.

Energy Platform


Process Quality Monitoring

Process Quality Manager

Monitoring and documentation of process data

A guaranteed consistently reliable industrial production process for safety and function-critical tightenings along with the virtual display of these tightening processes to ensure a rapid and targeted response to process deviations – these are key requirements for defect-free and highly efficient production.

This is already reality with the combination of three Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch: intelligent tightening systems, the Process Quality Manager software solution, and the ActiveCockpit, which displays the generated data in the cockpit while simultaneously allowing process command and control.

Process Quality Manager

Nexo nutrunner



Analyze production data, create value

Manufacturing Analytics

Analytics results for reducing end-of-line testing efforts.

Users and suppliers profit from manufacturing analytics

With data analytics projects, manufacturing users generate real-world added value from their production data: through cause-effect analysis in processes, calibration and testing time reductions, and scrap cause analysis.

Vendors of machines and components can use manufacturing analytics to increase their competitiveness, and to offer new integrated analytics functions: through predictive maintenance, avoidance of quality-altering spot welding splatter, and structured analysis of field data.

Bosch develops web-based analytics tools for use in typical problem scenarios faced by manufacturing engineers and technicians, such as the reduction of end-of-line testing outlays.

Manufacturing Analytics tools & services


Rule-based analysis of production data

Production Rules Configurator

Recognize deviations early on and react promptly

Reactions must come quickly when deviations crop up in production, as quality problems or unplanned machine downtimes can lead to high costs.

With the Production Rules Configurator software solution, expert know-how can be effortlessly translated into rules for the evaluation of production data (process and machine data) for automatically initiating necessary measures in response to trends or deviations. The Production Rules Configurator ensures a production process that is transparent from start to finish, and it contributes significantly to increased production efficiency.

Production Rules Configurator


Real-time processing and display of production data

Active Cockpit

Increased productivity through better information

Calling up manufacturing information, printing it out and attaching it to a clipboard is laborious. Also, the printed data is often outdated anyway. With ActiveCockpit, Bosch has developed a new product information system that records all relevant data, dynamically updates it and graphically displays it on the production line in real time.

As a link between production and company IT, the software enables networked assembly in accordance with Industry 4.0. This transparency offers an important prerequisite for higher productivity during production.



Connecting assembly working stations and the virtual world


ActiveAssist – assembly assistance system featuring modular construction and flexible adaptability

The modular designed and flexible adjustable assembly system ActiveAssist from Bosch simplifies the assembly of multiple versions. It links real-world assembly working stations with the virtual world of information technology, and leads the associate through the assembly steps using freely configurable sensors and assistants.

The assistance system uses RFID technology to identify the work piece and loads the respective work plan via a connection with the overarching MES or ERP system.



APAS Workstation

APAS Workstation

Changeable automation with the APAS family

The flexibly deployable and fully networked production assistants of the APAS family support the trend towards changeable production. As an intelligent and intrinsically safe robot system, the APAS assistant allows direct collaboration with people.

The APAS assistant is therefore particularly well suited for many applications in which workers require assistance, especially those which involve heavy, monotonous and dirty tasks. Before there is any contact between man and machine, the APAS assistant stops and only continues its work, when the person is out of the danger.

APAS family , consisting of the following production assistants:

APAS assistant, APAS inspector, APAS flexpress, APAS safekin, APAS custom