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Solutions & Products

Hannover Messe 2016

Development & Engineering


XDK – Start your sensor X-perience

  • All-in-one prototyping platform including hardware, software and community
  • Small form factor allows retrofitting to objects of any size.
  • Move easily from rapid prototyping to fast series production

Procurement & Logistics


IOT platform for security, logistics, condition, assets and people

  • Monitoring of transports and freight (in Europe and world wide)
  • Immediate reaction in case of an emergency
  • Notification of local rescue / intervention services
Sensor based transport monitoring

Transparent logistics processes

  • End-to-end monitoring of quality-related parameters
  • Real-time notification about transported goods for increased transparency and transport optimization
  • Prevention of expenses due to damage goods and other supply chain risks

For more security in the logistics chain

  • Cost-effective, simple, all-purpose and reliable solution
  • Provides verifiable proofs for possible primary and secondary damages
  • Delivers important data for the optimization of logistics processes



A wide range of variations – as cost-effective as serial production

  • Work piece identification, worker guidance, quality assurance
  • Configurable, intuitive system
  • Open Web platform for hardware and backend systems (MES/ERP)

Interactive communication platform for the manufacturing industry

  • Efficient decision making on the shop floor based on the most recent key data from
  • Integrated with backend systems (MS Office, MES, ERP)
  • Rapid integration of customer-specific web applications

Changeable automation with the APAS family

  • Mobile production assistants for the smart factory
  • Direct and safe man-machine collaboration
  • Configurating work plans without any programming knowledge

Increase energy efficiency, reduce consumption

  • Analysis of consumption data
  • Bechmarking of production lines and individual machines
  • Automated planning of maintenance operations

Analyze production data, create added value

  • For root cause analysis and continuous improvement in manufacturing
  • Data analytics services for users and vendors
  • Self-service use of analytics methods via web-based tools
Shopfloor Management

Shopfloor management

  • Innovative software modules
  • Creates transparency across the entire value chain
  • Optimal control, monitoring and analysis of production

The world's smartest manual nutrunner

  • Reliable and high-precision
  • Thanks to its WiFi connectivity, the Nexo cordless nutrunner can be integrated with smart devices and even cloud platforms
  • Continuous process transparency with the Process Quality Manager

SPS and IT together in one comprehensive portfolio of solutions

  • Increased efficiency in software engineering
  • Unique flexibility in programming and device platform integration
  • Customer-oriented, individualized machine functions
Production Performance Manager

Stabilization and optimization of machine KPIs

  • Manufacturing experts can evaluate machine data without IT support
  • Less downtime through centralized visualization and evaluation
  • Optimization of service processes through IT-administered ticket management

Intelligent management of process data

  • Visualizes, monitors and documents process data in real-time
  • Reduction of rework and defect costs through rapid reaction to process errors
  • Assists experts with the optimization of production processes

Rule-based analysis of production data

  • Rapid and seamless implementation
  • Transfer of rules to an executable software program
  • Production analysis across multiple machines

After Sales


Secure remote access to distributed machinery

  • Rapid remote access, error diagnosis and fault correction
  • Direct installation of new machine and equipment software
  • Support for commissioning, functional testing and systems diagnosis