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Industry 4.0: satisfied customers

References Manufacturing

Get to know our satisfied customers!


Our mission is to develop intelligently connected solutions that allow you to master current and future challenges in manufacturing and logistics. Discover how our customers are implementing Industry 4.0 solutions to get ahead of the competition.


Bosch Packaging Technology

Data analytics in process engineering at Bosch

At Bosch, highest quality tops the agenda when it comes to coating processes. That’s why the company launched a data analytics project. The objective was to clearly identify the process parameters that have a decisive impact on coating quality and recognize cause/effect correlations that previously went unnoticed. The predictive models developed are then applied to real-time data, in order to promptly detect deviations from the expected quality and, in turn, avoid corresponding quality losses. In projects such as these, we rely on a methodology developed in-house and on the application of complex machine learning methods.


Optimization of production planning and scheduling – pilot with Bosch Automotive Electronics

At a Bosch plant in Suzhou, China, Bosch Software Innovations has realized an Industry 4.0 software project that promotes the manufacturing of high product variance in automotive electronic products. A joint project with the plant was established to develop a software solution for streamlining the complex production planning setup with high and low runners. It also manages clusters of highly parallel machines and lines to enable pool production for single steps in the manufacturing process. The result: Productivity improvements of up to 40% and stock level reductions of up to 30%.


Monitoring production data of multiple EDM machines at Bosch Diesel Systems

To be able to react more quickly to faults and deviations, Bosch’s plant in Homburg has installed the Production Rules Configurator. This solution allows staff to monitor production data from multiple EDM machines and subject it to rule-based analysis. As a result, they can avoid production downtimes and quality losses.


Big Data Analytics in manufacturing at a Bosch production plant

Data analytics algorithms are applied at Robert Bosch LLC plant in Anderson, South Carolina (USA) to predict the probability of field failure of transmission control modules produced.


Secure remote access solution in use at Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

In its hunt for a secure and efficient remote servicing solution, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH has hit the mark with Remote Service Manager. The secure remote access solution allows it to quickly access devices and facilities installed on customers’ premises in the event of a system failure. This reduces the number of unscheduled disruptions and enables service technicians to diagnose some two thirds of issues remotely and take immediate action to resolve the problem.


ThyssenKrupp Bosch Software Innovations

Production process automation for ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe was faced with the challenge of phasing out its self-programmed models for manufacturing steel grades and replacing them with a future-proof solution. Thanks to the rule modeling provided by Visual Rules, the customer now has an agile solution for manufacturing steel qualities at their fingertips.


Gebrueder Weiss Bosch Software Innovations

Consolidating the IT Landscape at Gebrüder Weiss

In the customer’s IT architecture, which had grown up over a period of 15 years, EDI communication was distributed across several EDI servers. The company planned to reduce the high costs this entailed by introducing standard EAI software. Using inubit BPM, they successfully consolidated their IT landscape. As a result, errors and maintenance costs have been reduced through the elimination of numerous interfaces and of incompatibility between media.


KSM Castings Bosch Software Innovations

Basis for Transparent Query Processing with the Enterprise Portal at KSM Castings

To ensure that the sales, admin, costing, and accounting departments all interact with due transparency and that customer requests can be traced, KSM Castings decided to replace its Excel-based process implementation and minimize data redundancy through integration into SAP. By introducing a portal solution based on inubit BPM, the company successfully realized its goal of integrated, transparent request handling.


Magna Steyr Bosch Software Innovations

Integration of multiple IT-systems and subsystems at Magna Steyr

Magna Steyr needed a software solution that would process communication among more than 170 IT systems and subsystems. Following a successful pilot project in request and application processing, the use of inubit BPM was expanded to almost all areas of the company, providing unique process continuity.


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