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Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for ConnectedManufacturing

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Learn more about Industry 4.0 and ConnectedManufacturing.

Multimedia white paper connected shop floor

Multimedia white paper:

The connected shop floor by Bosch

Unlocking the Power of Business Rules in Manufacturing

The webcast demonstrates best practices of how to quickly and effectively unleash the power of a rule-based software in manufacturing facilities.

Industry 4.0: We bring internet technology into your production


Many areas of our lives have already been changed by the Internet of Things, and industry is no exception. By blending the real and the virtual worlds of production via the internet, the IoT makes it possible to connect all parts of the production process: machines, products, systems, and people.
This means that machines and products can communicate so they can manage themselves and each other.

Software-based system and service platforms will play a major role in tomorrow’s manufacturing; they are the only way to bring connectivity, including data analysis, to machines and workpieces in production.

With its production and logistics platform, Bosch provides you with a solid foundation for installing and operating your Industry 4.0 solutions.

Our software solutions for connected manufacturing and logistics gather, visualize, analyze, and monitor machine, process, and sensor data. They then translate this data into useful information that serves as a source for their rule- and process-based actions. The transparency this creates allows you to determine precisely where to optimize production and logistics processes along the entire value chain.

For example, quality monitoring of transport units reduces waste, and detecting machine faults early on makes it possible to schedule maintenance without shutting down the line.

Our solutions support manufacturers and users alike, helping them achieve competitive advantages in production and logistics.


Our solution portfolio

Create transparency. Increase productivity. Reduce costs.

Manufacturing Analytics Manufacturing Analytics tools & services Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

Manufacturing Analytics tools & services

With our Manufacturing Analytics tools & services, we assist production experts in extracting valuable insights from existing production data. This contributes significantly to the resolution of prevailing problems, in addition to bolstering continuous improvement efforts, and thereby promoting sustainable competitive capability.

Production Performance Manager Production Performance Manager Production Performance Manager

Production Performance Manager

The Production Performance Manager provides a snapshot of the current status of individual machines, and of the production system as a whole. Response times are shortened, tasks are clearly allocated, and information is made permanently accessible. The continuous improvement process is optimally supported through the new availability of data and direct feedback.

Process Quality Manager Process Quality Manager Process Quality Manager

Process Quality Manager

The Process Quality Manager visualizes, monitors, and documents process data in real time, automatically detects process deviations and trends, and helps experts optimize production processes directly and on an ongoing basis. It is instrumental in achieving zero defects, transparency in production, and the best quality production output.

Production Rules Configurator Production Rules Configurator Production Rules Configurator

Production Rules Configurator

Based on graphically modeled rules, this software monitors compliance with the parameters established for the production process. The system detects any deviations and notifies the worker in charge directly. Production data from existing systems, such as MES (manufacturing execution system), provides the basis for rule-based analysis.

Remote Service Manager Remote Service Manager Remote Service Manager

Remote Service Manager

Disruptions have to be resolved rapidly, since unplanned equipment and plant downtime can quickly become costly. With the Remote Service Manager, you can offer your customers the service they need. A secure remote connection allows service technicians to complete commissioning, diagnostic, and maintenance work much more quickly and efficiently than before.

Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Our solution for predictive maintenance opens up completely new possibilities for companies. For example, it uses sensor technology to record a machine’s condition and automatically checks for patterns that indicate a possible malfunction. This allows companies to avert potential failures before they happen by planning and taking corrective action at the right point.


Learn more about Industry 4.0 in practice in our digital factory. The interaction between the physical and virtual worlds of manufacturing interact via a combination of software and hardware in the areas of Development & Engineering, Procurement & Logistics, Manufacturing and After Sales.


The benefits of our Industry 4.0 solutions at a glance


Our Industry 4.0 solutions for connected manufacturing help you optimize your production and logistics processes. Collecting, visualizing, and analyzing machine, process and sensor data offers a whole new world of opportunities for your company.


Increased transparency by making data visible:

  • Tracks the material flow
  • Recognizes production-wide relationships

Integrated and inclusive:

  • Uses existing data sources (MES, ERP, machines, and components)
  • Can be flexibly embedded in existing system landscapes

Bosch manufacturing know-how

  • feeds into all our production solutions
  • positions us as a leading user and leading supplier of Industry 4.0 along the value chain


Trend identification and early warning system

  • avoids faults
  • prevents downtimes

Flexibly deployable:

  • Browser-based
  • Supports mobile devices

The Bosch IoT Suite:

  • Consists of three core elements: inubit BPM, Visual Rules BRM, and Device Management M2M
  • Provides the ideal basis for IoT projects
  • Delivers seamless end-to-end integration


Bosch – your partner for connected manufacturing


Technologies and solutions for the entire production value chain


The Bosch Group is one of the world’s leading technology companies. Bosch drives Industry 4.0 forward both as a leading user and a leading supplier. For many years, Bosch has offered products and solutions that support machinery and component manufacturers as well as manufacturing companies in all processes along the entire manufacturing value chain.
The Bosch Group is represented in all relevant Industry 4.0 product categories thanks to a portfolio that includes machines and components, sensor technology, software, data analytics, and complete system solutions.

Our ConnectedManufacturing Solutions are based on the tried and trusted Bosch IoT Suite. Bosch Software Innovations has many years’ experience in developing flexible and modular software solutions. Our portfolio helps increase productivity, improve support during maintenance, and carry out monitoring and tracking in near real time. We also offer secure remote access infrastructure as the basis for your remote services.

For us, Industry 4.0 means developing intelligently connected solutions that let you master the present and future challenges in manufacturing and logistics.

Together we can tap the rich potential of connected manufacturing!