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Bosch ConnectedManufacturing solutions – downloads

ConnectedManufacturing Bosch Software Innovations Download

Learn more about the Bosch ConnectedManufacturing solutions.



Manufacturing Analytics tools & services brochure

Manufacturing Analytics tools & services:

With our Manufacturing Analytics tools & services, we assist production experts in extracting valuable insights from existing production data. This contributes significantly to the resolution of prevailing problems, in addition to bolstering continuous improvement efforts, and thereby promoting sustainable competitive capability.

Production Performance Manager Brochure

Production Performance Manager – How to systematically improve machine availability:

The Production Performance Manager provides a snapshot of the current status of individual machines, and of the production system as a whole. Response times are shortened, tasks are clearly allocated, and information is made permanently accessible. The continuous improvement process is optimally supported through the new availability of data and direct feedback.


Process Quality Manager brochure

Process Quality Manager – monitoring and documenting process data:

The Process Quality Manager visualizes, monitors, and documents process data in real time, automatically detects process deviations and trends, and helps experts optimize production processes directly and on an ongoing basis. It is instrumental in achieving zero defects, transparency in production, and the best quality production output.

Production Rules Configurator brochure

Production Rules Configurator – rule-based analysis of production data:

Based on graphically modeled rules, this software monitors compliance with the parameters established for the production process. The system detects any deviations and notifies the worker in charge directly. Production data from existing systems, such as MES (manufacturing execution system), provides the basis for rule-based analysis.


Remote Service Manager brochure

Remote Service Manager: secure remote access to physically separated plants:

Disruptions have to be resolved rapidly, since unplanned equipment and plant downtime can quickly become costly. With the Remote Service Manager, you can offer your customers the service they need. A secure remote connection allows service technicians to complete commissioning, diagnostic, and maintenance work much more quickly and efficiently than before.


Screencasts and videos

Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Data Analytics in Industry 4.0 yields huge benefits.

Manufacturing Analytics Video

Manufacturing Analytics

How Manufacturing Analytics helps improve your production system.


Process Quality Manager in the cloud

Process Quality Management

Industry 4.0 Tightening Software in the Cloud.

Dr.-Ing. Werner Struth presents the Process Quality Manager

Process Quality Management
Dr.-Ing. Werner Struth presents the Process Quality Manager.


Process Quality Manager

Process Quality Management

Industry 4.0 process data monitoring in the cloud - even for SMEs.

Production Rules Configurator Video

Production Rules Configurator

Watch the Production Rules Configurator in action.


Production Performance Manager

Production Performance Management

Preventive maintenance with the Production Performance Manager.

Benefits of Industry 4.0: How to remotely access customer equipment and systems

Remote Service Management

Benefits of Industry 4.0: How to remotely access customer equipment and systems.