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Predictive maintenance with the service portal

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Brochure Predictive maintenance with the service portal

Brochure Predictive maintenance with the service portal

The intelligent way to maximize machine availability


Every day, maintenance planners face the challenge of ensuring maximum machine availability at the same time as keeping the amount of materials consumed by maintenance and repairs to a minimum – a demand that existing maintenance concepts are usually unable to satisfy.

Our predictive maintenance solution opens up innovative new possibilities for companies: Data from sensors monitoring machine condition is automatically reviewed to pick up any patterns that indicate a possible fault. This allows the onset of a stoppage to be recognized early and corrective measures to be planned and introduced in the most effective way. It also means unplanned downtimes can be avoided and both staff and resources can be employed more effectively. Our learning system uses information on past problems to predict future events.

The predictive maintenance solution is built on our Bosch IoT Suite . The suite allows an efficient implementation in the manufacturing area. Comprising our core products Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM) and Device Management (M2M), our software suite helps you to successfully realize projects as well as optimize existing processes.


What's so good about predictive maintenance?

Reduce costs. Minimize downtime. Increase productivity. The early detection of machine faults provides for more efficiency in the maintenance process and opens up innovative new possibilities for companies:


Opening up new business models

Optimizing maintenance services

New business models

Help yourself to new market opportunities: offer your customers supplementary services in the area of maintenance and resource optimization.

Optimizing maintenance services

Effectively planned maintenance measures reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and differentiate your offering from the competition.


Raising efficiency of the maintenance process

Increasing the productivity of operations

Raising the efficiency of the maintenance process

Our solution allows for integrated process steps that run smoothly throughout the maintenance process and across all departments.

Increasing the productivity of operations

Making it easier to plan maintenance measures allows expensive downtimes to be avoided and keeps costs down when employing resources.


More efficient maintenance measures


Our service portal for predictive maintenance takes a comprehensive approach and reflects all process steps, from the automatic early detection of machine faults through to planning and transparent documentation.

Machine condition data are sent to the software, which analyzes the data to pick up any irregularities using our intelligent rule technology. The results of this analysis feed into an automatic process that initiates corrective measures.


Central access to all applications

Compatibility and open architecture


A single point of entry for access to all machines, central implementation of updates, and comprehensive, transparent documentation of maintenance measures. Our service portal gives employees and customers tailored views of the information and functions relevant to them. This means maintenance measures can be remotely consolidated or centrally directed from any location.

Our service portal integrates your existing IT systems and brings together all information on maintenance. This not only minimizes the scope of initial project work, it also means everyday work is free of redundancies, multiple entries, and duplicated process steps. The service portal is also an ideal complement for companies that already operate remote maintenance or condition monitoring systems.


Scalability and intuitive user guidance

Bosch IoT Suite – basis for our service portal


The approach we take in our software is comprehensive, intuitive, and model-based. This means you are always in a position to react whenever maintenance procedures are changed, machines added or a new generation of machinery introduced. Any necessary adjustments can be carried out by experts directly in the portal, with no need for extra programming. Sensitive data are protected by a comprehensive authorization model based on an advanced security architecture.

Bosch stands for forward-looking, well thought out, practical technologies. This is reflected in our
Bosch IoT Suite , which is the perfect basis for projects in the Internet of Things. Our software suite offers everything you need to secure the success of your projects and make your business models viable: consistent processes, automated decisions, and modern device management. We refer to this concept of end-to-end integration as “device-to-process”.


The solution’s components and functions

The solution’s components and functions

Our offering is aimed at your requirements and the IT infrastructure you already have in place for maintenance purposes. We offer various solution components that can be implemented individually or added at any time.

The solution is based around a service portal that gives employees and customers central access to remote machines, allowing them to review machine condition and manage maintenance information. It is possible to implement additional components of the solution to automate formerly manual maintenance decisions and processes.