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Production Performance Starter Kit

Production Performance Manager Bosch Software Innovations
Production Performance Starter Kit
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Production Performance Manager Starter Kit

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Speed up your Industry 4.0 projects with the
Production Performance Starter Kit


Monitoring and analyzing production data is an essential part of Industry 4.0 projects and a decisive factor in optimizing the production process. Get ahead on your Industry 4.0 project with the Production Performance Starter Kit, including consulting, an individual training session and the Production Performance Manager software solution.


Connecting machines. Creating transparency. Increasing productivity.

Are all the machines on the production line functioning according to plan or are undesired deviations being produced? Is one of the motors consuming a great deal of power and producing lots of heat, and is the powertrain in danger of failing? These are the kind of issues you probably face on a daily basis. The Production Performance Manager is here to help, bringing transparency to your production and serving as a central system for monitoring and analyzing all relevant production data.

Production Performance Manager Overview

Elements of the Production Performance Starter Kit


We will work with you to develop an initial custom use case, integrate the relevant machinery into the software solution, and identify potential for optimization so as to improve your production. You will also learn how to integrate, digitally visualize, and optimize more production machinery, systems, and lines yourself.

Elements of the Production Performance Starter Kit