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Remote Service Manager: secure remote access to distributed machinery

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Benefits of Industry 4.0:
How to remotely access customer equipments and systems

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Brochure Remote Service Manager

Brochure Remote Service Manager

An open and integrated solution for remote services


When customers require after-sales service, they expect their problem to be solved with minimum delay. Secure remote access allows machine manufacturers and maintenance providers to deliver services remotely, while offering their customers optimum maintenance support.

The Remote Service Manager is the ideal system platform for designing efficient remote services. By using state-of-the-art IT security standards, it enables you to support your customers via remote access to their machinery and equipment, both in the event of problems and during installation and maintenance – a rapid, reliable, and hassle-free solution. The Remote Service Manager’s open interfaces allow it to be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT system landscape, so you can continue to work with your usual systems.


Maximum security

Featuring a sophisticated security concept, the Remote Service Manager enables you to offer your customers remote services based on the most stringent security standards. It comprises the following components:


Use of virtual machines

Remote Service Manager telephone

Remote access is established using a virtual machine that is created for each individual service request. This ensures that malicious software cannot infect the machinery and equipment or the connected PCs and mobile terminals. The virtual machine also prevents the theft or misuse of machine data. A further advantage of virtual machines is that your service technicians always have the necessary software tools available, in the latest version.


Security zones

Sophisticated authentication management


Remote access is established across different security zones, each of which requires separate authorization. This state-of-the-art technique prevents unauthorized access to the Remote Service Manager and thus to the connected machinery and equipment.

Your customers remain in charge of their systems and equipment, with permanent control over the times and extent to which remote access is granted. The system platform can be configured in such a way that only the customer can set up connections. In other words, remote access to the machinery and equipment is not possible without the customer’s explicit authorization.



Seamless integration into your business IT and machine environment


The Remote Service Manager is highly flexible in terms of its integration capabilities. To avoid island solutions, it can be integrated seamlessly into your existing business IT landscape. For your employees, the ability to operate the Remote Service Manager using the functionalities of your existing systems (e.g. ticketing, ERP) means that the time they need to adapt to working with the Remote Service Manager is reduced to a minimum.

Connecting distributed machinery and equipment is easy and uncomplicated. A router at the customer’s site handles the connections to your systems. You are free to choose the network technology that suits you best – be it internet, M2M, or ISDN.

Integration Remote Service Manager

The Remote Service Manager can be integrated seamlessly into your system landscape and machine environment



Benefits at a glance

Increase the efficiency and quality of your maintenance services. With the Remote Service Manager, you can step in to assist your customers with problems at any time and from anywhere. The speed and simplicity with which you are able to handle service requests will help you increase customer satisfaction and, at the same time, optimize the deployment of resources for maintenance work. Using the same resources, you will be able to serve more customers and offer additional services.

Once the system platform has been implemented, new manufacturing equipment and IT systems can be incorporated at any time. The Remote Service Manager is capable of integrating machines, routers, and systems from different vendors.


Remote services - optimum support for your customers


Commissioning and functional testing of machinery and equipment

Installation of new machinery and equipment software as well as parameter setting


Remote data access, error diagnosis, and fault correction

Monitoring and machine control


New services for Industry 4.0


Condition monitoring
A secure permanent or cyclic connection allows you to collect data from machinery and equipment and make it available to software applications to monitor the condition of the machines.

Predictive maintenance
Machine data collected using the condition monitoring function can be analyzed and used to detect errors and possible failures at an early stage, and in this way avoid unplanned downtimes.



Example of best-practice

EffiLink – System platform for the remote maintenance of security systems


Bosch Security Systems uses the Remote Service Manager as an efficient and secure means of diagnosing and performing remote maintenance on its own security solutions. In using EffiLink, Bosch Security Systems’ own system platform for remote services, Bosch pursues a twofold goal: further improve the availability and reliability for all a customer’s security systems and make operating them still more efficient.

Data transmitting in compliance with the most stringent IT security standards
Continuously monitoring the system’s status makes it possible to identify potential problems early on and correct roughly two thirds of them without sending a technician out to the customer. This increases the system’s availability, saves the customer time, and cuts costs as a result. When it comes to its EffiLink Services, Bosch places particular emphasis on data protection and confidentiality. Data is transmitted in compliance with the most stringent IT security standards, and is stored in just one of Bosch’s data centers in Germany. Sophisticated authentication and authorization management ensures that EffiLink can guarantee data protection at any time.