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Industry 4.0 market study: demand for connected software solutions


Industry 4.0 is everywhere.There are a great many projects and initiatives out there aiming to launch and suitably implement Industry 4.0 software solutions. All of them are designed to further optimize production processes.

What do users in manufacturing companies require from software solutions, both today and in the future? Where do they see demand for solutions and functionalities to improve their production KPIs? And what obstacles are there to overcome in order to sustainably implement Industry 4.0 software solutions?

Bosch Software Innovations set out to find the answers. Over 180 production experts from manufacturing companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland took part in our 2015 survey. We’ve compiled their responses in the market study "Industry 4.0: demand for and use of connected software solutions."

Industry 4.0 market study: demand for connected software solutions
  • How advanced is the implementation of Industry 4.0 software solutions at manufacturing companies?
  • Is there a focus on any particular manufacturing KPIs?
  • What functionalities are in demand?
  • What data needs to be monitored in order to achieve even greater transparency for production systems?
  • One survey respondent said: "For me, data security is the most important issue." What did the others say?
  • And what other topics play a role as we move toward the factory of the future?

You’ll find answers to these and other questions in the latest Bosch Software Innovations market study.

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Webcast: market study Industry 4.0

Further Information


Daniel Hug, head of Product Group Industry & Logistics at Bosch Software Innovations, presented the survey results in a webinar. He explained how far production managers have traveled on the road to the factory of the future, and why connected software solutions play a major role in getting there.

Industry 4.0 market study: demand for connected software solutions

Market study infographic

Get an overview with our infographic.