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Industrial Internet: Putting the vision into practice

Industrial Internet: Putting the vision into practice


Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet is more than just a vision of the future. Using current technologies to connect physical objects to the virtual world is already yielding new business models. Machine and component manufacturers have an opportunity to drive forward their service business and secure their own personal competitive edge.

Industrial Internet: Putting the vision into practice

One potential first step is to expand and optimize services that already exist. By equipping machines and components with Industry 4.0 features and connecting them, companies can lay the foundation for collecting whatever field data they wish and aggregating it in a central location. Near real-time processing of this data enables rapid detection of faults and deviations, which means corrective action can be taken immediately. In addition, the accumulated data serves as a basis for new services – by applying data analytics, new insights can be acquired and subsequently transformed into new services. The example of predictive maintenance offers a particularly potent illustration of the principles and benefits of the Industrial Internet.

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Webcast: the Nike effect

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Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), calls it the “Nike effect.” Advocating the “just do it” approach, Richard encourages companies not to sit and wait for a game-changing technology to emerge or standards to be established; instead, to start implementing solutions and services for the Industrial Internet today.

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