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Connected Fleet Management


Greater productivity through connected fleet management


Bosch’s telematics services offer fleet operators, leasing companies, and insurers detailed real-time information for intelligent fleet management. The services allow them to reduce total costs per vehicle, schedule inspections and repairs more effectively, and manage vehicle capacity utilization more conveniently.

Fleet management from a single source, even for heterogeneous fleets. As a system supplier for the global automotive industry, Bosch knows the possibilities offered by capturing and evaluating vehicle data from a variety of models and manufacturers.

For this fleet management solution, Bosch Software Innovations is responsible for developing the software backends, the user portals, and their interfaces. The company will also be in charge of connecting the various devices and seamlessly integrating the data into the users’ IT systems.

In combination with data recording devices and a comprehensive range of services, it is possible to realize numerous new added-value services.


Your benefits:

  • Greater transparency regarding vehicle condition and workshop services.
  • Improved scheduling of inspections and repairs leads to reduced downtimes and overall costs.
  • Better analysis opportunities increase fleet productivity.

More information on connected fleet management: