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Experience parking in a whole new way


Welcome to the new world of parking


Bosch is turning parking into child’s play. Clever solutions support drivers in the search for parking spaces as well as pulling into and out of those spaces. The result is an increase in convenience, safety, and efficiency.

Besides car drivers, the environment and the city also stand to benefit from less traffic searching for parking and from better utilization of existing parking spaces. With its parking solutions, Bosch also plays a key role in making the smart city a reality – the intelligently connected city is better for the environment and provides an enhanced quality of life for everyone.

Connected Parking

How to make parking fun:

With the help of connected technology, Bosch relieves drivers of the often tiresome search for parking, and brings them directly to areas with available parking spaces. Parking assistance systems provide automated support that lets cars maneuver with high precision into and out of parking spots, even tight spaces. Increased safety during parking is provided by the maneuver emergency brake assist, which identifies obstacles using ultrasonic sensors and warns the driver of impending collisions or, in an emergency, even brakes automatically.

Components of the solutions:

Bosch takes a holistic approach, offering hardware, software, and services that make all aspects of parking easier for drivers. The Bosch IoT Suite and the Bosch IoT Cloud are key technical components in these solutions. As an IT provider, Bosch Software Innovations is responsible for the software architecture, implementation, and operation.


Solutions for connected parking:


Community-based parking:

Active parking lot management:

Finding parking spaces together. More...

Putting parking infrastructure online. More...