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Connected charging infrastructure for electromobility


Electromobility: more charging stations, more freedom


Electromobility is a comprehensive system driven by technical innovation. Our end-to-end electromobility system benefits greatly from other market players who, like Bosch, also strive for ultimate electromobility. They do this by contributing their collective and integrated efforts to different fields of technology.

This is reflected in mobility services that are built on integrated hardware and software solutions. What exactly does this mean? Software solutions for a networked charging infrastructure. But also software platforms for new business models in which electromobility plays a major, if not a central, role. It also means solutions that inspire users with their novelty and serve society through their sustainability.


Endless posibilities:

  • Charge point operators can work together to cover a wider area.
  • End users can go online and search for and reserve available charging points.
  • End users get access to all public charging points on a given platform under a single contract.

What Bosch can offer you

Charge your car and pay with your smartphone? It’s simple! Using free charging apps, e-vehicle drivers can search for, use, and even pay for recharging at any public web-enabled charging point. And all this with no minimum contract term or service charges.

Charging Apps


Service brokering allows various market players to collaborate through a single platform. This solution is used, for example, in the Hubject project, where customers of associated partners can use eRoaming facilities to access all public charging stations on the platform through a single contract.




Bosch's overall commitment to electromobility.

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