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eRoaming for electromobility


Convenient charging – anywhere


The number of usable charging options for electric vehicles is on the rise. In Europe, many companies operate a public charging infrastructure, most of them with a regional focus.

So every time a driver goes to a charging station, they have to ask themselves the same questions: Who operates the station? Do I need a contract with the operator? If so, how do I get one? How will I be invoiced?

With service brokering, Bosch Software Innovations eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple operators. The Bosch software platform makes it easier to set up, monitor, and invoice roaming agreements between charge point operators and provides the technical means to exchange data.


Advantages of service brokering for roaming:

  • Drivers need just one contract to use charging stations run by multiple operators.
  • Operators can optimize capacity utilization of the charging infrastructure and improve its profitability.
  • Users connect to roaming platforms easily, thanks to open interface protocols.
  • Operators can develop and roll out supplementary collaborative models with various partners.
  • The platform connects a range of mobility services and providers such as car sharing, bike sharing, public transportation, or parking space management with each other.


Tried-and-tested technology

The service brokering platform has already been successfully implemented in many projects. For example, Hubject GmbH in Berlin uses it as the basis for intercharge, its pan-European roaming platform. And in the Stuttgart Services and Open Mobility Berlin projects, the technology is employed for electromobility in a way that goes beyond roaming. In these cases, the software helps to find and arrange intermodal transportation offers; customized mobility that incorporates car sharing, bus, taxi, and e-bike options.