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Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation: when every mode is the right one


More and more people want to get from here to there, but simply providing more transportation is not a solution. Current systems, especially those in large cities, are closing in on their capacity limits.

There’s a smarter way: If you pool all of the transportation options currently available, such as mass transit, car sharing, e-bikes, taxis, etc., you can plan a route tailored to each person. This can be done using software platforms, upon which various mobility providers connect to and network with each other. These platforms are the primary means of creating alternatives to private vehicles and thereby generating true added value for the consumer. Bosch Software Innovations develops such platforms – integrated information and booking platforms for intermodal transportation.


Endless possibilities


Benefits for cities:

  • Improved control over traffic flow
  • More efficient travel times for commuters enhance overall productivity
  • Higher utilization rate of existing infrastructure
  • Deferred need to invest in additional infrastructure improves financial situation
  • Reduced CO2 emissions per km/person


Benefits for mobility services providers:

  • Connecting several mobility services enhances each service provider’s potential user base
  • Improved utilization of mobility services and hence deferred need to invest in additional infrastructure/busses, trams etc.
  • Ticketing across all modes of transport increases synergies and improves revenue situation


Benefits for commuters:

  • More efficient commuting
  • More comfort and speed in planning, booking and paying intermodal trips for commuters and tourists
  • More choice: use the modal split that suits best your preferences regarding time, costs, or CO2 footprint


What Bosch can offer you

Integrated information and booking platforms by Bosch Software Innovations are already being used in various projects today.