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Intermodal Transportation – Open Mobility Berlin

Intermodaler Verkehr

Open Mobility Berlin – Connected eMobility services for B2B customers


The “Connected eMobility services for B2B customers” project – abbreviated to “VeMB” in German – opens up a shared platform to serve as a technical marketplace for providers and consumers of B2B e-Mobility services. VeMB is one of around 30 core projects that are themselves part of the International Electric Mobility Showcase Region of Berlin-Brandenburg. By connecting the various services of different providers, VeMB aims to cultivate new, appealing mobility offers that benefit individual drivers and the environment, and also improve the city’s traffic situation.

In collaborating with Siemens AG and the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy at the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin), Bosch Software Innovations was playing a key role within the Berlin-Brandenburg Electric Mobility Showcase. The Bosch Group’s software and systems house was analyzing the requirements of the various showcase projects as well as those of other electric mobility service providers in the region. Analysis of these requirements allowed the partners to work up cross-vendor standards and to develop prototype services. In order to realize their maximum value potential, such services need to be effectively connected to one another. They also serve as a frame of reference for others participating in the marketplace.


Advantages of connecting various services in the marketplace:

  • Integrated “roaming processes” allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles at charging infrastructures belonging to various providers.
  • Electric vehicle fleets can be connected with public transport services, enabling the city to have consistent, eco-friendly mobility.
  • eCar-sharing fleets belonging to different providers can be connected to one another, furnishing the city with a comprehensive car-sharing infrastructure.
  • Various individual offers such as car sharing, parking, charging infrastructures, and public transport can be pooled to form new, comprehensive packages.