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Intermodal Transportation - Stuttgart Services

Intermodaler Verkehr

Stuttgart Services - intermodality card for Stuttgart

Schaufenster Elektromobilität

Part of the Stuttgart Services project, the Service Card, is the first electronic transit ticket for e-mobility in and around Stuttgart. The project was funded up until June 2016 by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The initial wave offers a feature, available since 2015, where subscribers can use the Service Card as an electronic ticket. The ticket is marketed under the polygo brand.

As one of 40 projects in the Showcase Region for Electric Mobility of Baden-Württemberg – LivingLab BWe mobil , the Stuttgart Services project seeks to make access to e-mobility services as seamless as possible for customers travelling in the Stuttgart region, and to supplement them with further citywide offers. The service card will not only open up the city’s e-mobility potential, it will also integrate everyday aspects of urban life by serving as a library card, swimming pool membership card and payment card.


To support the card, Bosch Software Innovations is providing an intermodal information and booking platform that will serve as a central access point for users of services while keeping billing decentralized. As an alternative to the physical card format, the service card will also operate as a smartphone app.


Rather than being a development of e-mobility in a technical sense, the service card promotes e-mobility by establishing networks and collaborations that grant potential users easy, straightforward access to each of the services on offer.

Bosch Software Innovations is committed to a total of three projects in Baden-Württemberg and Berlin-Brandenburg, drawing on its own software expertise in the area of networked mobility. The projects are all part of the German federal government’s electric mobility showcase initiative.