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Cross-border Mobility for EVs


Electromobility already meets transportation needs, thanks to a range of electric vehicles available on the market. In the year 2011 it was time to connect Europe electrically. Introducing a standardized, easy to use, reliable and safe charging station network in the French-German cross-border area, Crome project made this scenario reality.

Objectives of the project were:

  • Perform a wide-scale cross-border field demonstration of mobility with EVs.
  • Introduce fully public interoperable charging stations ensuring easy access and charging of EVs in the French and German Crome area.
  • Investigate customer acceptance of e-mobility and user needs on charging.
  • Offer charging services enabling simplified identification and billing as well as charging points availability and reservation.
  • Test and give recommendations to European standardization on charging infrastructures (plug, cable, ...) and services (identification, billing, roaming).

The core area of Crome was the French and German Upper Rhine region. It spreads over the Moselle and Alsace region in France (with a focus on the cities of Strasbourg, Colmar and Sarreguemines) and from Karlsruhe southwards to Freiburg in Germany.

Crome offered a unique opportunity to test and collect information on this wide cross-border area with full interoperable charging stations and EVs. Within Crome, advanced e-mobility services were offered to EV users ensuring a full and user friendly access to all Crome’s public charging stations in France and Germany:

  • Uniform charging station access with contactless RFID card for user identification.
  • Simplified cross-border billing for payment and roaming between e-mobility operators.
  • User-oriented internet and smartphone applications: availability of the charging points and optimized route navigation.
  • Access to fast charging stations.

French and German certifications.

Crome charging stations in the border region of France and Germany.

Further information on Crome