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Green eMotion


Electromobility in Europe


The European Commission officially launched its Green eMotion project on April 1, 2011. The project, which was set to run for four years, was a cross-border initiative to promote electromobility. It saw 42 participants sharing their knowledge and experience in selected European model regions.

Bosch Software Innovations participated in this project with its solutions for connected charging infrastructure. Modern web technologies interconnect charging points, mobile devices, and billing systems. The eRoaming solution developed by Bosch Software Innovations also connects different electromobility systems and providers across Europe.

The aim of the Green eMotion project was to work with participants to develop the infrastructure to support a European mass market for electromobility. eRoaming plays a key role in helping electromobility to gain broad acceptance among consumers. It is absolutely essential that the various systems are interoperable if electromobility is to be made accessible to everyone across Europe.


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