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SOA based BPM for the Public Sector

Software for the public administration
Marginal Column

On the way to a service-based administration the public sector has to face immense challenges. While the requirements regarding efficiency and better relation to the general public demand a great deal, the tense budgetary situation provides responsibles with only little scope of action. Additionally more services have to be provided with fewer personnel in shorter time at increasing interlocking of specialized administrative procedures.

Thus it is clear – the sustainability of communes, federal state authorities and state authorities depend much on optimized and automated processes, linked IT structures and fast information flows. In other words: public administrations prospectively have to increase procedures, optimize services and at the same time reduce costs.

The eGovernment programs of the federal government, of federal states and communes ask for the optimization and reorganization of business processes in public authorities. The challenge is the integration of all relevant target groups and necessary IT systems, because citizen, companies, associations and public institutions have to be integrated into these business processes. Special focus should be on the organization of integrated but yet flexible processes.

Our software inubit for integrated Business Process Management is the basis for integrated and flexible processes. With the software you will have a comprehensive SOA platform available. It combines architecturally and functionally all mechanisms to realize and run a service-oriented landscape.

For this inubit provides not only numerous tools but it has also the ability to turn the mostly non-SOA-capable applications fast and flexibly into WebService-capables. With this all essential standards, important for public administration like SAGA, are supported