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Solutions for Retail and Logistics

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Integration of the whole value chain


In the retail industry it is becoming apparent, like in other industries too, that the IT is not the only one creating guidelines for efficient processes, but covers the requirements of particular departments with process oriented software solutions.

The efficient consumer response standard (ECR), used by the GS1 Germany, is able to accomplish exactly that and considers the supply as well as the demand side. ECR emphasizes above all process automations in the retail industry, for example integrating suppliers or regarding an efficient flow of information. These targets can only be achieved if business processes are examined and optimized via the complete supply chain – from the supplier via the manufacturer up till the trading company and ultimately the customer. The automation of processes is therefore an appropriate approach.

Bosch Software Innovations recognized the need for action and offers therefore module based software solutions organized in different process packages.

These include EANCOM/ WebEDI solutions for integrating suppliers, Invoice Management for faster, easier and less error-prone processing of invoices or the embedding of electronic signatures in documents.

Efficient master data management


The data pool services of SA2 Worldsync (formerly known as SINFOS), a joint venture of Pironet NDH AG, Agentrics LLC and GS1 Germany, offer for trading firms worldwide the opportunity to exchange article master data not only bilaterally but now multilaterally.

With this, not only the effort of all involved will be economized but also all business processes concerning master data maintenance will be optimized. In the process manufacturers transmit nonrecurringly their master data to SA2 Worldsync and the forwarding to all relevant traders is carried out automatically. Price, product and logistics information are daily updated available for everybody involved. The checkup and guarantee of the quality lies with SA2 Worldsync.


Benefits of the solution for master data management in retail


  • Flexible use of all ways of integration offered by SA2 Worldsync
  • Professional expertise for support regarding content related mapping of your data
  • Continuous monitoring via traffic light coding and escalation routines

  • Non-invasive integration in your IT landscape: existing systems need not to be adapted
  • Detailed professional process model for integrating data reconciliation into your business processes