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Online inventory optimization


Fast-tracking all inventory-related business processes


The mobile inventory application is integrated in REWE’s enterprise resource planning system. To ensure maximum performance in all parts of the entire system, the guiding principle is shifting as much processing logic as possible to the stores’ servers. This approach guarantees response times of less than 1 second for the mobile applications.

The REWE merchandise management system is responsible for all centrally managed processes; for inventory, this means primarily accounting, item management and data preparation. All data that is not store-specific (such as item data, etc.) is maintained in the central database.

The processing logic for the inventory and for nominal stock correction is executed in the store application manager. Store and item data is distributed to the mobile devices using WLAN and via communication framework; this can also be done offline, which is required for highest performance where very large quantities of data are involved in real time. The reliably implemented layering in the communication framework ensures that the mobile application can be expanded, independent of device or manufacturer.


REWE Penny markets' metrics


  • Gain of almost 9,000 sales days, because inventory can be taken while the store is open and includes up-to-the-minute sales figures.
  • Clear reduction in the inventory of non-listed items.
  • Low maintenance costs in comparison with the retailer benchmark: The rules are comprehensible and completely documented, so that REWE employees can expand the rules for data preparation and dialogue guidance by themselves.

  • No more waiting times at the cash register due to unknown items.
  • Down-to-zero reduction of expenditures for after-the-fact adjustments to inventory and downstream processes, because of the online count.
  • Significant reduction of inventory costs with improved count quality.
  • Very positive acceptance of the mobile application by the stores' employees.