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Comprehensive tracking


Fully integrated into the process chain


Some merchandise or materials handling equipment is unusually expensive or in demand – they can be the catalyst for waste, write-offs, and compensation payments. That’s why comprehensive tracking of goods flow and materials handling equipment is a priority for retailers, from the warehouse through logistics and at the retail market.

Tracking is an integral part of the REWE core system named ZAM, which works efficiently by fully integrating the process chain with all participants, headquarters, warehouses, and the retail markets.



Effective monitoring of materials handling equipment


Controlling materials handling equipment, like palettes, thermal containers and containers on wheels, and monitoring the return of empties represent a critical challenge because of their large numbers and the variety of markets that have to be serviced. Efficient management of materials handling equipment helps to avoid loss of that equipment, which can be quite expensive, and make the most of container quantities.


Efficient runs

Paperless system without paper chaos


Avoiding mistakes during loading and unloading means quite simply fewer trips, fewer wrong deliveries and no return trips because something was forgotten. All that also means measurable process acceleration.

Many transactions that were previously documented with huge quantities of paper, like delivery slips, receipts, freight lists, and more, are now imaged electronically, like incoming merchandise including paperless receipts when unloading.


User-friendly dialogues

Notification of merchandise in the outlets


Using the mobile data terminals is as easy as child’s play. The plan for a trip for instance shows the next address, which makes finding the next delivery stop simple.

Precise information about times and quantities make personnel planning easier and increase merchandise availability in the retail outlets.


Documented processes

Fast, technically documented market redistributions


Warehouse cooperation with external freight forwarders is greatly simplified. Setting up the "merchandise-distribution-centers" option, which displays the complete assortment of merchandise with little hold-back time, creates the basis for efficient runs.

So one retail market can quickly and easily help out another with merchandise.



Supply Chain Management Tracking

  • Truck loading with materials handling equipment and merchandise
  • Notification of the retail market
  • Market delivery and incoming stock
  • Returning empties
  • Unloading trucks and returning empties to the warehouse
  • Monitoring correct return of materials handling equipment, merchandise, etc.


Technical data and distinctive features


Our solution is hardware-independent and was tested on mobile data terminals manufactured by Höft & Wessel, TTnetcom, Motorola and Psion. WinCE 4/5/6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 operating systems are currently supported.

The application was realized on 100% pure Java, based on eRCP (embedded Rich Client Platform) from Eclipse, aligned on ARM processors. Migration is possible in principle to all devices that support Java.

An intelligent WLAN automat establishes connections quickly and robustly. It was developed specifically for special fields of application, such as retail markets in areas covered by air traffic control systems whose radio systems can overpower others.