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Startups on stage during the Startup Harbour Selection Day at Bosch IoT Campus
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Startup Harbour

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Connect IoT devices to blockchain

The Berlin based startup AnyLedger on stage at  Bosch´s incubation program Startup Harbour

AnyLedger provides the whole software stack needed to connect IoT devices to a given blockchain, allowing companies to easily develop IoT-blockchain applications without worrying about the underlying technical complexity. The main innovation is the development of the first open-source blockchain-agnostic embedded wallet.

Visit the website of AnyLedger

A security device that keeps kids safe

The Berlin based startup AnyLedger on stage at  Bosch´s incubation program Startup Harbour

BOTE is a wearable device for children, that is connected to a mobile app to localize a child in a crowded place such as a theme park. It lowers operating costs, maximizes visitor satisfaction and helps families enjoy their precious time.

Visit the Facebook page of Bote

Helping self-driving cars to understand humans better

The Berlin based startup Phantasma Labs on stage at  Bosch´s incubation program Startup Harbour
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Phantasma Labs offers simulation as a service for selfdriving cars and builds virtual worlds with different cultural contexts. On a platform, real people are selected to interact as urban participants simultaneously and in real time. Their behavior is captured and annotated synthetic datasets are generated automatically.

Visit the website of Phantasma Labs

Scalable, mobile-adapted blockchain to build decentralized applications

The Berlin based startup zKSystems on stage at  Bosch´s incubation program Startup Harbour

zkSystems provides IoT devices with the capability to outsource computation and storage to a public peer-to-peer network in a decentralized setting with incentivized verifiable computation. The protocol is based on decentralized ledger technology (DLT) and is optimized for a novel user model. ZkS aims to make blockchain mainstream.

Visit the website from zkSystems

Monitor the quality of drinking water

The Berlin based startup MamiWata on stage at  Bosch´s incubation program Startup Harbour

MamiWata’s mission is to develop cost-effective and easy-to-use IoT-based devices and to develop specific sensor solutions for water-quality monitoring based on environmental requirements. This information is shared with the community and government, and it can be uploaded whenever a connection is available.

Visit the website from MamiWata